Do I have to have a niche?

Everyone’s got something to say, we don’t always have the chance to say it or maybe don’t know how to say what’s on our mind.  I’ve thought for quite a long time that I have something myself to share with other people.  A life lesson here or there, that quite possibly could offer hope or help or wisdom or something else, to anyone who might be looking.

As I’ve researched about blogs in general there is voluminous advice on what makes a blog readable, what kind of posts will keep people coming back to your blog, and, whether or not a niche is necessary.  I’m not so sure I need a niche just yet, I’m going to give this a try and see how it goes…for now.




4 thoughts on “Do I have to have a niche?

  1. What is a niche? Remember the english muffin that boasted of “Nooks and Crannies”? (I always had them filled with melted butter) The niche is unimportant. It is the passion that you use to fill it.

    And you are off to a great start!


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