School Shopping and Sending Packages

It’s getting close to the first day of school.  It’s a time of year I’ve always liked!  New folders, crayons, pencils, lunchboxes, and oh, the smell of new school clothes.  Love it!

I’m watching lots of kids and families in the stores lately and see how excited some of the kids are to be rifling though bins of school supplies trying to get at just the right “one” before a friend or brother or sister does.  It’s certainly the time of year I find myself wishing I had kids to take to the store and share in their excitement.

In August of 2011 there were kids in my house, three.  Technically, my husband’s grandchildren, but now they’re mine too!  They were living with us for what was supposed to be the summer and turned into sixteen months.  Well, anyway, they were here and the school year was about to start.  A fifth grader, third grader and preschooler each needed supplies–you name it, they needed it.

I tried not to take them all to a store at the same time.  Personally, I don’t enjoy when I’m shopping and there are kids uncontrollably running around, or fighting, or arguing, or whining…but I digress.  Typically, I could take the girls, ages 11 and 4 to the store and they’d be just fine; 4 year-old in the cart’s seat and 11 year-old rummaging through the racks of clothes trying to find something I would say “yes” to.   I do miss shopping with them!  One of the many things I miss about them.

This year, a few weeks ago, because their school year begins the last week of July, I went school shopping.  I didn’t know exactly what they needed so I shopped, and shopped, and shopped.  I shopped on line; thank you Amazon for the back packs and free 2-day shipping.  I shopped at Job Lot; pens, pencils, book covers, folders, calculators, erasers, pencil boxes, crayons, colored pencils, markers, paper, I got it ALL!  I shopped at Stop and Shop; pepper-jack cheese ‘n crackers, Nutella, graham crackers, fruit roll ups.  Then it all had to be packaged and sent to Phoenix.

Now normally, I send one box, we’ve been sending packages for a year–at least 2-3 a month.  Usually, I label each item I put in so they know who gets what and maybe it limits the arguments.  I also hope that it makes them know that I’m still thinking of each of them.  With so much to send I thought it would be fun to send things differently this time.

Each child was sent their own package, addressed only to them, with the things they like and hopefully need.  Princess folders, pencils, hair clips, and Nutella for Coco.  Folders with black skulls, mechanical pencils, and new books for Kash to use for his first book report.  The pepper-jack cheese ‘n crackers, 3-ring binders covered with peace signs, and personal products like deodorant, nail polish, and hair styling stuff, for the soon-to-be 7th grader, Izzy.

So, I did get to go school shopping this year, albeit without kids, but it was fun.

I miss Izzy, Kash and Coco, everyday, and probably will until I see them again.  Sending packages makes me miss them less.

Surrounded by bottom feeders


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