When it’s Good, it’s REALLY Good (Make a Note of it)

I’m new to the commitment necessary to be a “writer”, but I’m enjoying it. This blog post really struck me and I’m inspired to continue on my journey.

Live to Write - Write to Live

A snippet of Google Calendar with an entry for AWD!!!You know the feeling, your fingers sail across the keyboard, the ideas are flowing you even tossing in a few $5 words just for fun (and because you remember what they mean). There is no feeling like it. That euphoria is why we write. Having once been a web designer and event planner I can equate it to when your code is flowing, or when the event you plan comes together smoothly. It is the spark or the passion that excites us when we are using our skills and talents do to something we love.

Make note of these times. Jot them down on your calendar, just a little star or AWD for “AWESOME WRITING DAY”. Write until you can write no more then savor the progress. Don’t judge, don’t critique. There will be plenty of time for that later. Relish the energy that flowed through you. Respect the words…

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