If there was a contest for the world’s worst grandma…

Missing my grandchildren is a daily occurrence!  I think about them, hope for them, and hold dreams close to my heart for their future.  As I’m reminded that today is Grandparents Day I remembered a funny story about the time they spent living with us and maybe it’ll make you laugh too.

I’ve talked about Kash before.  He’s a kids whose heart is as big as the moon and he feels his feelings so deeply that sometimes he just imploded.  We worked hard to help Kash to say what he was feeling rather than showing it by having a tantrum.  He went to counseling for the majority of time he was here and the therapist did a great job of helping him to “name” the things he was angry about.

The name of this game is “be careful what you wish for!” A very angry Kash stomped his way up the stairs to his bedroom when I said he would not be able to sleep over his friend Tyson’s house that evening.  I knew Tyson from around the neighborhood and he certainly seemed like a good kid.  I’d only seen his dad at the bus stop on the corner across the street and really hadn’t been able to take the time to get to know him–which is why I told Kash the sleepover would have to wait.

A few seconds after I heard him flop onto his bed in agonizing tears, the crying stopped.  He came back down the stairs, looked at me through his dirty, tear-stained eyes and said:   “If there was a contest for the world’s worst grandma, I would vote for you and YOU. WOULD. WIN!”  And back up the stairs he went.

I of course burst into laughter and could not stop!  It was hysterical and I thought, I’ve arrived…I’m a parent!  Kash came back down and wanted to know what was so funny.  I told him that I thought that was a fantastic insult, well thought out and perfectly delivered.  He got it right, used his words!  He joined me laughing, gave me a hug, and assured me I wasn’t the worst grandma in the world.

I sure hope that he’s been able to continue to “use his words” as he transitioned back to into the environment he was living in before he came to us.  He’s a good boy and makes me proud to be called, “Grandma”.

Happy Grandparents Day!Kash Carousel


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