Bathroom Reading

This week we received another letter from Coco.  I call them Coco Love Letters because they are always covered with hearts and “love”.  She’s a good girl and I know she’s thinking about us.

Me and My BunniesWhen she lived he, Coco and I read books together.  There was rarely a day that we didn’t read because it was part of her bedtime routine; that, and every other week we took a trip to the library where she would pick out about 30 books and we’d fill 3 book bags.  Occasionally I would buy books too, usually as it related to whatever holiday was around the corner.  One day in Target I picked up one of those small, square board books–it was about Easter.  There were child-appropriate pictures in it of the resurrections.  We’d read it a few times in the week leading up to Easter.

coco on canAs was often the case, Coco would leave the bathroom door open when she was sitting on the toilet.  Like a grown up, she would take a book in with her if she was going to be a while. As I walked by I noticed she’d taken the little Easter book and propped it up against the screen with the pages looking out the open window.  I asked Coco why the book was in the window?  She said, “The sun is out, Jesus should enjoy the sun too.”



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