Judy, Judy, Judy (Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy)

This is my 150th post on my other blog. Happy to share it here as well. Happy New Year!

365 Days of Thank You

My sister Judy and I used to date; each other.  For quite some time, throughout much of our 30’s in fact, we were each single.  Some on-line dating efforts proved occasionally to be fruitful but nothing so long-term that we had to give up our shopping, movies and dinner dates.  We accompanied each other to every family gathering including christenings, birthday parties and weddings.  Wherever Judy went, Kelly was sure to follow (or be in the seat right next to her).

Judy has a fantastic sense of humor.  One year for my birthday she sent me a “from both of us” card.  When I opened it, I saw that she had signed it from Judy and Sam.  I was certainly puzzled since I knew at the time there was no “Sam”.   It was at that point we created  pretend husbands, Sam (and Judy) and Bob (and Kelly).

As we continued to escort each other to family…

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