Insert Snappy Title: HERE

My New Year’s Post from 365 Days of Thank You! Happy 2014 to all!

365 Days of Thank You

The common wisdom is that if you have a snappy or engaging title for your blog post, the more traffic you might experience.  The number of blog posts over the last 24 hours that share 2013 highlights from bloggers across the inter-web is probably too many to count.  However,  I thought hopping on that bandwagon would be fun!

I started my blog back in August and made a commitment to post every day for an entire year, 365 posts.  When I made the decision to blog I was feeling pretty full of myself; I thought, “of course I have enough to say every day for a whole year.”  I will admit that the only day I did not share a thank you was on Christmas Day.

Here are my stats so far: 152 posts, 199 comments, 102 other bloggers following me, over 200 “likes”, 7,808 hits to the site.  I’ve been reading at

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